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Exotic Hardwoods

At Cherokee Wood Products, we are dedicated to providing you with a wide selection of lumber. This is why we regularly import many beautiful wood types from some of the most distant and remote regions of the world! Found under…

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Rough Cut Lumber

We offer many choices to choose from when deciding on the type of rough cut lumber you want. Of course the appearance of the wood plays a big part in the decision that you will ultimately have to make, but…

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Maple vs. Oak Wood

Maple and oak are two of the most popular types of wood we offer at Cherokee Wood Products. They are commonly compared by homeowners when choosing hardwood components for their household whether its for cabinets, flooring, stairs or hardwood details…

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Plywood: Imported vs. Domestic

Some think that if plywood is imported, it is automatically poor quality. Between April and August 2007, APA-The Engineered Wood Association* performed an evaluation of imported plywood from various North American distribution sources, which included uncertified Chinese plywood. The plywood was…

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