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Woodworking Supplies

We are a one stop shop for Woodworking Supplies and Materials. Bottle stoppers, pen blanks, knife scales, bowl blanks and many more. Need ideas check out this great website  from Popular Woodworking magazine.

Pen Blanks Woodworking Supplies

3/4in x 3/4in x 5in pen blanks. All exotics wood pen blanks only $1.50 each and domestic species are only $1.00.

Bowl Blanks Woodworking Supplies

1-3/4″ Bowl Blanks available in 4in, 6in and 8in squares.

Turning Blanks Woodworking Supplies

We offer two sizes 1-1/2in or 1-3/4in squares in lengths from 6in to 30in.

Scroll Saw Wood and Thin Wood

Exotic and domestic lumber in preset widths and thicknesses.

Lumber Project Packs Woodworking Supplies

Domestic and Exotic lumber project pack prices include shipping. You specify widths and lengths that fit your project.

Baltic Birch Plywood Lumber Project Packs Woodworking Supplies

Baltic Birch that works for you. We will cut a 60in x 60in sheet of any thickness to whatever sizes you need.

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