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What Woods Last Longest?

When deciding on what type of wood to use for a customized project, many want a material that will create a sense of elegance and style. Although it is ideal to get the most aesthetically pleasing wood, another aspect to consider before choosing the wood for your project is to ask yourself, “How long will this wood last?”

Often, people want to stay within their budget and lean towards less expensive wood because it will get the job done without burning a hole in their pocket. But, what is the point if it is just going to fall apart in a few years? If you want wood that not only looks classic and well put together, but also offers long-lasting results, there are many options to help you to achieve that goal.


The most sensible wood is both low maintenance and highly resistant to moisture, which is particularly important for outside projects such outdoor furniture, decks, and balconies. The best woods for water resistance are hardwoods that have a straight grain and dense woods that prevent moisture from penetrating a structure.

Among one of these options is cedar wood. Cedar is insect-resistant because of its natural aromatic scent, which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture, as well as indoor furniture, such as hope chests and dressers. It is also commonly used for closets, saunas, and house siding. Cedar wood projects typically last more than 20 years without splitting, rotting, or warping.

White oak and teak are also long lasting woods that are resistant to decay, twisting, cracking, or warping. These low maintenance dense woods have a natural ability to repel moisture, insects, and rotting, which make them an excellent choice when building outdoor wood furniture.

Additionally, pressure treated boards such as pine are also options for longer lasting products, especially when it comes to decking, furniture, and pool enclosures. This ubiquitous material is usually less expensive and plentiful at a local lumberyard.

Using furniture covers when your outdoor furniture is not in use will protect it from the elements and extend the life of your furniture.

If you have questions regarding what materials you should use for your next project or wish to learn more about which wood will provide you with the longest lasting results, let our specialists help. You may contact us either by calling (909) 920-5430 or filling out our information request form. We have years of experience and look forward to serving you.

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