Hinges & Baseplates

Blum Hinges and accessories are the standard for functionality and durability in cabinet construction. Blum compact hinges are designed for face frame cabinets with self close and soft close features for silent and effortless door closing. They are constructed as all one piece for easy installation and adjustments. Cherokee Wood Products offer every combination of blum hinge and baseplate so can achieve the perfect overlay for your cabinets. Blum products are only compatible with Blum products as we also offer a more cost efficient parts for projects on a budget or that do not require heavy duty accessories.

Templates are also available for easy installation, contact us for details on how to obtain the correct template. Visit Blum for installation instruction PDF’s, Video’s and Planning tools.


38N355C-08 Blum 105 Degree 1/2 In Overlay Hinge
500.0181.05 110 Degree Cam Adjustable Hinge
70T5550 Blum 120 Degree Full Overlay Hinge
71B3650 Blum 110 Degree Half Overlay Hinge
71T5650 Blum 120 Degree Half Overlay Hinge
71T6550 Blum 170 Degree Full Overlay Hinge
73B3550 Blum 110+ Degree Full Overlay Hinge
75T1550 Blum 107 Degree Full Overlay Hinge
75T1650 Blum 107 Degree Half Overlay Hinge
79T8500 Blum 60 Degree Clip Top Bifold Hinge


Baseplates combined with hinges offer an endless amount of overlay possibilities. Contact us if you need help figuring out which base plate and hinge combination you’ll need.

0mm Euro Mounting Plate
3mm Face Frame Plate
0mm Face Frame Plate
175-710 Blum 0mm Clip Wing
175-713 Blum 3mm Clip Wing
175-719 Blum 9mm Clip Wing
175L6600 Blum 0mm Baseplate
175L6630-22 Blum 3mm Baseplate
175L6660-22 Blum 6mm Baseplate
3mm Euro Mounting Plate