Use onlays and appliqués to create unique mantels, rangehoods and casework. Use them at the bottom of a furniture-style vanity, or as a curtain valance over a window or doorway, or on a mantel or range hood.

Cherokee Wood Products offers a wide range of designs and wood species to choose from. We regularly stock Posts in Alder, Cherry, Maple, Oak & Rubberwood. The Onlays are shaped on a cnc machined or lathe for exact pattern duplication and hand sanded to a stain ready finish. All the wood carvings are offered is size families allowing the same design to be carried throughout the home in different applications.

Need something unique? Check out our specialty manufacturers catalogues that offer exotic species, urethane and one of a kind designs.

20 In Hand Carved Acanthus
20 In Hand Carved Acanthus & Egg
20 In Hand Carved Shell
24 In Hand Carved Acanthus
24 In Hand Carved Acanthus & Egg
24 In Hand Carved Shell
36-7/16 In Hand Carved Acanthus
36 In Hand Carved Shell