Hardwood Balusters

Balusters – If you have a classic design in mind, we are certain you will find it within the handsome styles we offer. You might decide to move up to one of our heavier styles for an even more dramatic stairway. You can view the entire LJ Smith catalogue to see even more options.

When selecting a hardwood wood style, you can choose either a Pin Top or a Square Top Style.

2005PL Square Top Baluster
2015PL Pin Top Baluster
5005 Square Top Baluster
5200 Pin Top Baluster
5300 Pin Top Baluster
LJ-5015 Pin Top Baluster
LJ-5141 Square Top Baluster

Iron Balusters

L.J. Smith’s Ornamental Iron Collection of Balusters offers an extensive assortment of popular styles. Our Iron Balusters are constructed from “mild” steel, making them very durable and much stronger than wrought iron versions. Each and every one is handmade, which means no two are exactly alike. The slight variations in the details add exceptional character to any stairway. The finishes on our iron products may vary and all components are for interior use only.

LI-ALM06 Flat Shoe For Square Baluster
LI-ALPSH02 Pitch Shoe For Square Baluster
LIH-HOL1BASK44 Single Basket Baluster
LIH-HOL1KNUC44 Single Knuckle Baluster
LIH-HOL1TW44 Single Twist Baluster
LIH-HOL2BASK44 Double Basket Baluster
LIH-HOL2KNUC44 Double Knuckle Baluster
LIH-HOL2TW44 Double Twist Baluster
LIH-HOL30144 Large Scroll Baluster
LIH-HOL50144 Small Scroll Baluster
LIH-HOLPLA44 Plain Bar Iron Baluster