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Chair Rail

Hardwood Chair Rail Moulding

Chair Rail Moulding is used to add decorative accents to walls creating a finished look. Chair Rail is generally installed at one third the height of the wall.

Our hardwood chair rail moulding is milling onsite at our 5 acres facility in upland, CA. All of our details are available in paint & stain grade including Poplar, Alder, Cherry, Maple & Red Oak. We stock 6 different hardwood chair rail moulding profiles, Bead & Beally, Astragal, Colonial and 1/4″ Rab’t chair rail moulding in sizes from 1-3/4 inch to 3 inches tall.

If you are looking to match a specific profile or have an original design we can custom mill any profile you wish in any species we stock or you’d like us to source. Please contact our sales team to discuss your custom milling needs.

1-3/4in C-2 Astragal Chair Rail Poplar
3in C-1 Bead & Belly Chair Rail Poplar
2-1/2in C-3 Chair Rail Poplar
2-1/2in C-4 Chair Rail Poplar
2-5/16in 1/4in Rab't C-5 Chair Rail Poplar
3in C-6 Colonial Chair Rail Poplar

MDF Chair Rail Moulding

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a composite wood product that consist of wood fibers combined with wax & resin treated at high temps & pressure creates a panel denser than plywood.

MDF Mouldings come Pre-Primed ready for painting. Flex moulding is also available in most details, contact us for crown moulding flex template guidelines, pricing and turnaround times.

View our full line of available MDF Chair Rails here in the El & El catalogue.

3in 649MUL MDF Bead & Belly Chair Rail
3in 653MUL MDF Colonial Chair Rail
2-1/2in 734MUL Panel Cap
1x8 751LDF S4S MDF
1x10 752LDF S4S MDF
1x12 753LDF S4S MDF
4-3/4in 986LDF Beveled Stool
6-3/4in 987LDF Beveled Stool
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