Box Newels

Hardwood Box Newels

Box Newels – The construction of these box newels allows for various installation methods.  Each features a solid blocking within the top section while the remainder of the newel is hollow. We recommend these newels be used with any of our iron or 1 3/4” (44 mm) wood balusters and corresponding handrails. They can, however, also be used with 1 1/4” (32 mm) balusters and corresponding handrails.

All the Box Newels are crafted with a flat top plate. This allows for a variety of options from which you can choose to suit your particular taste. Click here to view a line card of available options. Each of the items are sold separately and are available in the same wood species as our Box Newels. Please contact us for pricing and availability on any of these featured options

All box newels and accessories are for interior use only.

LJ-4075-50 Box Newel
LJ-4091 Traditional Style Box Newel
LJ-4092 Plain Panel Box Newel
LJ-4093 Fluted Panel Box Newel
LJ-4094 Recessed Panel Box Newel
LJ-4095 Raised Panel Box Newel
LJ-4175-50 Sleeve Box Newel
LJ-4392 Plain Panel Box Newel
LJ-4393 Fluted Panel Box Newel
LJ-4394 Recessed Panel Box Newel
LJ-4395 Raised Panel Box Newel
LJF-4091 Traditional Fluted Box Newel
LJRA-4091 Traditional Raised Panel Box Newel
LJRC-4091 Traditional Recessed Panel Box Newel