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At Cherokee Wood Products, we select the highest quality hardwoods to meet all your project needs.

Among the many options that we carry is our unfinished solid and engineered hardwood flooring, which allows you to apply a unique touch to the appearance of your floors. Before we get into the benefits of unfinished hardwood flooring, let’s explain how it is different from prefinished flooring. Prefinished hardwood flooring means that the hardwood is ready to install the moment you buy it. Unfinished flooring still requires sanding and an application of polyurethane.


Unfinished Engineered Flooring

Unfinished Engineered Flooring

Custom Sizing

Since Unfinished Hardwood Flooring is something that is custom made here at Cherokee Wood Products, you have the unique opportunity to actually choose the size of the flooring you want.

Matching Color of Existing Hardwood

If you already have hardwood installed in your home, then unfinished hardwood enables you to precisely match the existing color of those boards.

Choosing Custom Species of Wood

Most Prefinished Flooring manufacturers give you a very limited range of species of wood to choose from. At Cherokee Wood Products you can select any hardwood you want and we can make it into the flooring you have been looking for.

Choose your own style

When buying prefinished flooring, all your flooring will be identical. By purchasing unfinished hardwood flooring, you can alter the staining of each board and completely customize its appearance.
Cherokee Wood Products has a wide variety of hardwood flooring and other wood types to meet your exact specifications and needs.
If you would like more information about the different options available for hardwood flooring or would like to place an order, please contact us by calling (909) 920-5430.

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