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Determining Wood Quality

When you offer a wide-range of wood types like we do, there is bound to a be an abundance of questions about our products. One of the most common questions that buyers have is about the variation in quality of our woods. Whether you are purchasing wood for hobby purposes, such as guitar making, or intending to use it for a more extravagant project, like putting flooring in your house, the quality of the wood plays an important role in the overall results.

With more than 30 different wood types, below is a list and description of our most popular.

Wood Quality

Comparing Wood Quality

Although the majority of our woods can be used for a variety of projects, using them for flooring is one of the most common reasons. If this is the case, be sure to ask about our custom hand scraping and end matching that we offer when placing your order.

For all your wood needs, contact Cherokee Wood Products by calling (909) 920-5430 today or filling out our online contact form. We have been serving the needs of our customers for over 15 years, and we look forward to providing you with the most satisfying experience possible.

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