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How To Choose Crown Molding


How To Choose Crown MoldingAre you looking to enhance the look and style of a room in your home? Or do you have a smaller space you want to look more “opened up”? Crown molding, also known as “crowns,” can be used for a number of things and can create a whole new visual perspective on a room. They can add some flare or give the illusion that a room is larger and has taller ceilings, or crowns can blend the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling. They can also be used for the construction of door headers. In addition, crown molding is often used to create shelving space, such as along a fireplace mantel.

With so many customized styles and sizes available, many people find it difficult to choose the right crown molding for their home. So, how do you know which is the right one for your project? The perfect way to get an idea of what size and style of crown molding to choose is by looking at the overall design of your home.


Depending on the project, the size of the room, and look you are trying to achieve, different sizes of crown molding can be used. For rooms that are eight to ten feet tall, it is best to choose a four to six inch crown. For rooms that are larger, a crown that is eight inches or higher is best.

To get a general idea of what will look best in your home, go along with the current size of your baseboards and door and window casings to determine the right scale. The most uniform cornice is usually the same size height or slightly smaller than the baseboard.


choosing crown molding for a homeWhen it comes to picking out a style, crowns can be made from extremely simple to highly intricate. Many different materials are used to make crown moldings, such as medium density fiberboard, vinyl, and polyurethane.

Typically, matching the design of the crown to the crown molding in the other rooms of your home is the best choice in order to create a consistent look throughout. If your home is older, wood moldings may best fit the overall style of the house. Go for less elaborate crowns for private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. For entertaining or connecting spaces, such as a dining room or hallway, stay constant from each area to the next.

If are unsure of what type of crown molding you should use for your specialized project, let our experts at Cherokee Woods help you. We have a variety of styles and sizes of crown molding for you to choose from. Find out how we can assist you in achieving your home improvement goals by calling (909) 920-5430 or filling out our online information request form.

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