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Exotic Hardwoods

At Cherokee Wood Products, we are dedicated to providing you with a wide selection of lumber. This is why we regularly import many beautiful wood types from some of the most distant and remote regions of the world! Found under our hardwood lumber section, our list of imported exotic hardwoods can add the perfect amount of zeal to any project.

Some of our most popular exotic hardwoods include:


Also known as “Khaya,” mahogany is imported from Africa and South America. This type of wood gives off an illustrious gold ribbon appearance and is used to make furniture, musical instruments, and even boats.


Purpleheart, or “Amarynth,” is an extremely colorful wood that is imported from South America. It is desired for its purple color and coarse appearance. This wood is commonly used for and inlays and marquetry.


Imported from Asia, teak is one of the strongest and most waterproof woods around. This type of wood is golden brown in color and is typically used for array of projects, such as tables, armoires, and boats.


Padauk is imported from Africa and is deep red in appearance. This type of red wood is ideal for making cabinets, musical instruments, and other meticulous projects.


Imported from Africa, Bubinga comes in a number of red and brown shades. This wood can be used for a variety of projects ranging from tables to countertops to knife handles.


Imported from South America, Rosewood is dark red in color. This type of wood can be used for various projects, including musical instruments, boxes, and fine crafts.


Also known as “Amazique,” Shedua wood is imported from Africa. Mainly used to make musical instruments, this wood is desired for its subtle tone and color.


For all of your exotic hardwood needs, feel free to contact Cherokee Wood Products by calling (909) 920-5430 today or filling out our online contact form! We have been serving the needs of our customers for over 15 years, and we look forward to providing you with the most satisfying experience possible.

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