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Rough Cut Lumber

We offer many choices to choose from when deciding on the type of rough cut lumber you want. Of course the appearance of the wood plays a big part in the decision that you will ultimately have to make, but there are many other factors that you should consider as well.

The overall quality of each piece of lumber is based on the total area of the board that is clear (free of imperfections). Below are four different categories which lumber is grouped under to help you narrow your decision down a bit more.

Character: Lumber that contains multiple imperfections, which is popularly used for making things like flooring, paneling, and cabinets.

Number One Common: Lumber that is at least three inches wide and six feet long. It is most commonly used on areas where imperfections do not matter.

Select Plus: This type of lumber is at least four inches wide and six feet long. The face of this type of lumber almost completely free of knots or marks.

Specialty: This type of lumber usually comes in wide widths with unique grain patterns, which makes this type of wood the most expensive.

There are also a few general aspects that the average consumer should look for in lumber. In other words, avoid choosing lumber that has one or more of the following characteristics.

Bowed: Lumber that is bowed means that it bends across the length of its face. Bowed boards are typically shorter than other boards because the ends have to be shortened in most cases.

Crooked: Crooked lumber bends along the entire length of the board, rendering it useless for big projects. However, it can be cut into pieces and utilized for smaller ventures.

Twisted: Lumber that is twisted means that one of the corners on the board is higher than the other. Not only are twisted boards difficult to flatten, but the defect is prone to returning after the project is finished.


Feel free to view our Lumber Selection to see the vast selection of imported and domestic lumber that we offer. At Cherokee Wood Products we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality materials possible. Call us at (909) 920-5430 to find out how we can help you with your next project.

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