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Types of Wood for Flooring and Doors

When it comes to wood, there are many appealing options from which to choose. Whether you plan on using it for flooring or doors, the type of wood you decide on has a significant effect on different aspects, such as appearance and durability. Cherokee Wood Products offers a vast selection of wood that can fit any project you have. So, when it comes to flooring and doors, which type of wood should you choose?


Choosing the right type of flooring is a crucial part of tying rooms together and setting the overall tone of certain living quarters. The most common types of wood flooring include solid-wood and engineered-wood, which come in a range of different thicknesses.


Solid-wood flooring is typically available in narrow, wide, or parquee styles. All three types of flooring can come unfinished or prefinished. If the style is unfinished, then it will require sanding and staining (optional) after it is nailed or glued together. Some of the most popular types of wood that solid-wood flooring is made from include red oak and maple, because they are reasonably priced and still look attractive without staining.


Engineered-wood flooring consists of multiple layers of wood glued together to form planks. The top layer is made of a solid-wood veneer that is made to look like solid wood. Engineered-wood is often desired by many because it easier to do-it-yourself since there is no gluing or nailing involved during installation. Instead, this type of flooring uses grids, which lock it together. This kind of flooring can be made out of many types of wood species.


Among other materials that exist today, it is not uncommon for doors to be made of wood. Wooden doors make a great first impression and offer a warm welcome for guests. Some of the most popular types of wood that doors are made from include mahogany, alder, and oak.

Located in Upland, California, Cherokee Wood Products offers a wide array of domestic and imported hardwoods. We also have a variety of choices for mouldings, stair parts, and windows to suit every aspect of home improvement that you desire.


Serving our customers for over two decades, we know a thing or two about customer satisfaction and putting them first. Feel free to contact us for all of you wood product needs by calling (909) 920-5430 today.

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