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Plywood: Imported vs. Domestic

Some think that if plywood is imported, it is automatically poor quality. Between April and August 2007, APA-The Engineered Wood Association* performed an evaluation of imported plywood from various North American distribution sources, which included uncertified Chinese plywood.

The plywood was evaluated for the quality of the adhesive, flat wise bending properties, screw withdrawal from panel edges and faces, and formaldehyde emission. When compared to the Product Standard PS 1-07 for Structural Plywood, the imported wood was lower quality on all counts (e.g., the Chinese plywood exhibited high formaldehyde emissions that would exceed the limits imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)).

Although these are noteworthy findings, the results of the study do not conclude that all plywood that is imported is lower quality than domestic plywood. Much like imported wine, some imported wood is of impeccable quality, while others hardly meet US plywood standards. The quality of plywood depends on the standards of on the individual supplier. At Cherokee Wood Products, we ensure that our wood comes from the best sources available.

Imported plywood has a multitude of uses and is increasingly used in manufactured homes because of its cost-effectiveness. When bought from the right supplier, it is just as strong and lightweight as domestic plywood. Its smoothness allows the manufacturer to easily laminate paper or vinyl to meet any customer’s design need, all while lowering the overall cost of materials.

A quality piece of plywood is strong. It resists cracking, bending, warping, and shrinkage. The cores are kiln dried, the thickness is consistent, and there are fewer voids and overlaps.

If you would like more information about imported or domestic plywood, or if you have any questions about the quality products we offer, please contact us by calling (909) 920-5430.


*APA-The Engineered Wood Association is an accredited testing and certification organization for engineered wood products.

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