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Common Uses of Baltic Birch Plywood

The uses of Baltic Birch plywood are extensive, from recreational to practical to profitable. People commonly use this type of plywood to create art, decorations, crafts, objects for hobbies, and furniture, among thousands of other projects. Baltic Birch plywood is great for many applications and is high in demand because it is both strong and durable. Here at Cherokee Wood Products, we can cut the wood to any requested size, and we offer custom layups and UV finishing. These aspects and its attractive appearance make Baltic Birch plywood perfect for a wide variety of projects.


Baltic Birch plywood makes a great canvas for painters to create beautiful works of art, and sculptors can carve this wood into decorative artistic pieces. Crafting projects, such as model airplanes, ships, and cars can also be made out of this versatile plywood.


Although these hobby items can be bought from a manufacturer, remote-controlled items like airplanes and boats can be made with Baltic Birch plywood and customized by the maker for his or her specific desires.


Its solidity and rigidity make Baltic Birch plywood an ideal material for holding screws in place with excellent grip. People commonly make tables, desks, and chairs out of this high-quality wood.


If you are interested in ordering Baltic Birch plywood for a project of yours, please do not hesitate to call (909) 920-5430 or fill out our information request form to find out more information. Cherokee Wood Products looks forward to helping you with any and all of your wood-product needs.

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